Employee Safety Perception Survey (ESPS)

The Employee Safety Perception Survey (ESPS) is a powerful data-driven tool for understanding, benchmarking and catalysing your organisation’s safety performance. The ESPS methodology is backed up by internationally validated methods that help reduce injuries by strengthening your safety culture.

The Value of a Strong Health and Safety Culture

It’s proven that a robust occupational health & safety culture yields significant financial & competitive benefits by:

  • reducing safety incidents & hazards in the workplace

  • providing efficient facilities and reducing costs

  • protecting life & property

  • nurturing a happier & more productive workforce

  • improving the brand image

Assuring safety for your organisation

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Employee Safety Perception Survey

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Establishing a Culture of Proactive Leadership…

Enhancing your organisation’s safety culture is only about removing hazards in the workplace?


Or is it just institutionalising safety rules & procedures to improve the organisation’s safety performance?

It’s something more…

It’s about working with people to change their attitude and behaviour at work as well as beyond the workplace.

How an Employee Safety Perception Survey (ESPS) helps in your safety culture?

An ESPS helps an organisation to understand the effectiveness of the safety management system from the other end of activities – the recipients. This is an output-driven measurement of the safety initiatives.

Based on the gaps identified in the survey and the subsequent recommendations, organisations will be able to strengthen their leadership initiatives and process components to foster a high performing continually improving safety culture.

Scope of the survey

An Employee Safety Perception Survey (ESPS) is carried out to:
  • Evaluate the safety culture of the employees with reference to occupational health and safety issues
  • Assess employee involvement level in the existing safety program
  • Assess the employee perception regarding the existing safety management
Following key elements are addressed to evaluate the safety culture of employees:


  • Management Commitment


  • Safety Concerns
  • Employee Training
  • Emergency Management
  • Safety Communication


  • Attitude Towards Safety
  • Employee Participation

Download the brochure: Employer Safety Perception Assessment (ESPS)


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How we select samples

Depending on the scope and boundary of the survey, the total population is divided into different strata of homogeneous groups like top management, middle management, junior management, supervisors, technicians & own workers and contractor workers.

Final number of sampling strata or categories, level of confidence, confidence interval depend on the objective of the survey as well as several practical onsite situations.

Types of Employee Safety Perception Survey (ESPS)

Either it could be a baseline survey or a follow-up survey. A baseline survey is being conducted for the first time in an organisation to know the ‘as is situation’ of the employees’ perception towards the safety system. A follow-up survey is to find out the improvements happened due to the action plans initiated based on the previous survey.

How do we conduct the survey?

It’s very important to conduct the survey by experienced resources who have the required skill sets of questioning techniques, conversant in locally used languages, understand the quality requirements of the survey. Additionally, they must be having adequate knowledge of safety management, safety culture and safety behaviour.

Consultivo uses veteran safety professionals as well as behavioural scientists; who have vast survey experiences. The team generally comprises of different layers of professionals who has specialised skills to interview top management as well as people with low literacy level.

How to design the questionnaire for the ESPS?

Developing perception survey questionnaire needs a very specific set of competencies. Questions have to be simple, easy to understand, able to detect quality deficiencies during survey and finally shall be able to meet the survey objectives when analysed.

We always develop customised questionnaire for each of our employee safety perception surveys.

Globally, Employee Safety Perception Survey (ESPS) is being considered as a measure of the “organisational health and Safety Culture”

A Tool to diagnose and facilitate Your Safety Culture

Involving every level of your organisation, the Employee Safety Perception Survey gives your organisation an objective, data-driven process for understanding how your safety culture changes over time.

Periodic use of the Safety Perception Survey gives you an effective process for assessing, benchmarking and catalysing safety culture improvement at every stage of your journey to world-class safety. Employees accept the outcome with confidence. Corporate leaders become aware of how the company is performing in terms of safety culture. For organisations with an existing safety program, this process can focus and rejuvenate efforts by rapidly penetrating into all levels of the organisation.

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