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ISO 45001:2018

ISO 45001:2018, Occupational health and safety management systems – Requirements with guidance for use, provides a framework for development, maintenance and improvement of an effective workplace safety management in global supply chains. It can be applied to both captive and partner factories and production facilities, regardless of their location.

It is applicable for organisations of all sizes and industries.

Over 7600 people die each day from work-related accidents or diseases – that’s over 2.78 million every year (Source ILO). Reduce workplace risks and create safer working environments.

Certification to ISO 45001 alone will not lead to an improvement of health & safety in the workplace. It’s the commitment of top management to develop an occupational health & safety performance and culture that will determine the difference.

Assuring safety for your organisation

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ISO 45001:2018

400+ organisations

Our specialised resources have been leading the way to safer workplaces for more than 400 organisations since 2009.

Can you integrate ISO 45001 into your existing management system?

ISO 45001 is based on the High-Level Structure (HLS), identical core text, terms & definitions with other recently revised ISO management system standards such as ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 14001:2015. This framework is designed to facilitate the integration of new management topics into an organisation’s established management systems.

What about certification?

Certification to ISO 45001 is not a requirement of the standard but can be a useful tool to demonstrate that you meet its criteria.

What Consultivo can do for you?

Consultivo has years of experience in delivering Management Systems Consultancy & Training Services, having supported businesses with the development of their Management Systems approach and achievement of various ISO registrations.

Consultivo services in ISO 45001:2018 standard include but are not limited to:

ISO 45001 Management System Development support

We can support your Management Systems objectives through Consultancy services including:
Management Systems Review and Gap Analysis
At whatever stage of your ISO 45001 Management Systems development journey, we can review your current processes, procedures & documentation and benchmark these against best practices and your aspirations. Through providing objective, impartial advice we can help you decide on your Management Systems goals and the steps you need to take to reach them.
Management Systems Design and Implementation
Consultivo can assist in all aspects of the design and implementation of your Management System with our ISO Consultancy Services including:
• Aligning your Occupational Health & Safety Management System objectives with those of your organisation
• Selecting and training staff to lead the implementation of the ISO 45001 Management System
• Identifying and documenting your procedures into a Business Manual
• Selecting the appropriate certification body for your organisation
• Developing your certification body submission documentation
• Ensuring effective stakeholder communication and buy-in

ISO 45001 Management Systems Training Courses

As one of the leading providers of Management Systems and ISO auditing training, we offer a range of courses to suit all levels of experience on open/public basis across India, and on an in-house/on-site basis globally.
Select from the list below to view our range of training courses:
• ISO 45001 Awareness Course: One-day duration
• ISO 45001 for Management: Two-hour duration
• ISO 45001 Implementation & Transition Course: Two-day duration
• ISO 45001 Internal Auditor Course: Two-day duration

ISO 45001 Auditing Services

From our pool of experienced trainers & consultants, we provide ISO auditing services to support your organisation’s journey towards ISO 45001 implementation; be it a greenfield system development or a transition from existing OHSAS 18001:2007. These auditing services include internal auditing of a client’s own management systems, external auditing (auditing of a supplier’s management system) and also pre-assessment auditing to ensure our clients are compliant before a certification body assessment.

ISO 45001 Ongoing Support and Guidance

With all our Management Systems Consultant and ISO System Support Services, we can provide you with the desired level of support you need.
All of our ISO consultants, auditors and trainers have relevant qualifications within their own areas of expertise and their credentials are supported by several years of experiences in implementation, auditing, and training of Occupational Health & Safety Management System.

Transition to ISO 45001

ISO 45001 will replace OHSAS 18001:2007. Organisations already certified to OHSAS 18001 will have three years to comply with the new ISO 45001 standard requirements. The International Accreditation Forum (IAF) has developed the migration requirements to help certified organisations, certification bodies, accreditation bodies and other interested parties.

Migrating from OHSAS 18001 to the new International Standard ISO 45001 may have its challenges but with careful planning, checking & commitment, organisations, their employees & all stakeholders will enjoy the benefits of improved health & safety management systems.

To discuss your specific requirements with a member of our team, please call us on +91 33 4066 4066 or [email protected]

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