Workplace Stress Management

Work-related stress is the harmful physical or psychological reaction that occurs when people are subject to excessive work demands or expectations.

Work-related stress not only affects individuals’ psychological and physical health, but as well as an organisation’s effectiveness & well-being in totality, in an adverse manner. Employees who are stressed are also more likely to be unhealthy, poorly motivated, less productive and less safe at work. Their organisations are less likely to be successful in a competitive market.

Good management & good work organisation are the best forms of prevention. Therefore, continuous assessment of risks to health, the provision of appropriate information and training on health issues and the availability of health-promoting organisational support practices and structures have become the unavoidable demand of every successful organisation.


Stress symptoms

Stress affects different people in different ways, and everyone has a different method of dealing with it. The chemicals that are released by your body as a result of stress can build up over time and cause various mental and physical symptoms like anger, depression, anxiety, changes in behaviour, food cravings, feeling tired, difficulty in concentrating, etc.

Assuring safety for your organisation

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Workplace Stress Management

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Our specialised resources have been leading the way to safer workplaces for more than 400 organisations since 2009.

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How can Consultivo help you in workplace stress management?

With our rich expertise in organisational behaviour, employee occupational health & well-being and experience of the Good International Industry Practices, we provide customised solutions in the field of workplace stress management through Audit, Consulting, Research and Study, Training and Capacity building.

Workplace Wellbeing Survey

  • Assessment and understanding of the level of stress amongst the employees in the organisation and the probable causes of stress in an individual
  • Intervention plans to combat the cause of stress and stress itself through various methodologies

Training on Stress prevention and management

Our Stress Series training programmes serve as a preventive approach to work-related stress. Addressing all levels within your organisation, our Stress Series training comprises:

  • Stress Management Workshop for senior leaders, line managers & employees

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