For the successful implementation of any CSR project, it is desirable that the said project achieves the required objective. It is also equally important to ensure that the project makes the desired impact which was visualised at the time of selection & planning.

CSR Audit is one of the tools to monitor & evaluate the CSR projects performance. Besides, monitoring & evaluation helps to identify the gaps between planning & implementation.

Consultivo carries out independent audits, monitoring & evaluation of CSR projects during its lifecycle & thereby ensures that the projects are executed as per the plan.

What matters a lot!

The 2 driving forces for ensuring a sustainable business.

csr & sustainability - monitoring, evaluation, reporting

500+ organisations

Our specialised resources have been leading the way to a sustainable business for more than 500 organisations/units since 2009.

Consultivo sustainability journey

Consultivo in CSR & Sustainablility – monitoring,evaluation,reporting

Our Methodology

The methodology consists of the following major activities:

  • Primary research: Collection of information, key data and figures on operation and construction activities through questionnaires
  • Site visits including interviews with relevant company staff and stakeholders
  • Evaluation against planned and actual activities
  • Monitoring of Environmental Data (ambient air, noise, water, soil) and social data
  • Report preparation as per selected reporting guideline

The basic understanding of CSR initiatives is that it strikes a balance between economic benefits to organizations and social benefits to various stakeholders. An organization can monitor its CSR activities and their impact on stakeholders through following measures:

  • Effectiveness of a CSR program can be assessed through a two-tier monitoring mechanism involving external as well as internal agencies for thorough evaluation
  • There can be regular monitoring at Units, Regions & Corporate Centres with monthly & quarterly reporting about CSR activities
  • Full internal audit must carried out to ensure effective implementation
  • Transparent Assessment / Evaluation can be taken up through reputed agencies for gauging impact of our CSR initiatives
  • For proper and periodic monitoring of CSR activities, companies may appoint a CSR committee or a Social Audit Committee or a suitable, credible external agency
  • Independent external agency can be consulted to evaluate CSR projects’ performance

Criteria for better Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Effectiveness of CSR activities: Is the project achieving its pre-set goals?
  • Project relevance:  Are CSR activities well-directed towards stakeholders?
  • Coherence/Complimentarily:  Are CSR activities well-coordinated?
  • Efficient use of resources:  Are the resources allocated for CSR activities utilized efficiently?
  • Development-policy effects:   Are CSR project efforts contributing to pre-determined goals?
  • Sustainability:  Will CSR initiatives keep continuing for long duration?


Our key objective is to help our corporate clients with effective CSR programs that are strategic and create significant social impact. We approach this with parallel evidence-seeking research on ‘industry sectors’ (FMCG, finance, heavy industries, mining etc.) and ‘social sectors’ (such as education, health, livelihood etc).

  • For programs to be strategic, our research can help you understand the overall industry trends, explore CSR strategies of your peers, and highlight best practices and case studies of successful programs by companies in the industry.
  • To have optimal impact from programs, our research can provide you with sector-specific reports, giving an understanding of the sector, current government and non-government involvement, gaps in provisions, evidence of high-impact interventions etc.


Monitoring and Evaluation can also help in enhancing the ability to consult, coordinate and engage with various stakeholders. The well-structured monitoring and evaluation process leads to identification of relevant issues in a time-bound manner which in turn can enhance the ability to address the issues through proper performance indicators of CSR activities


As mandated by SEBI, CSR performance is disclosed & reported in the Annual Business Responsibility Report. Besides it is also mandatory for CPSE who publishes their report as per the DPE guidelines.

Consultivo prepares independent CSR Report, Business Responsibility Report as per the NVG guidelines & report based on DPE guidelines for the CPSE.

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