Rehabilitation & resettlement

Growing industrialisation has led to an increase in the number of factories, etc being set up. This needs a lot of land to be set aside for the development of such areas with the necessary infrastructure. As a result, cities are expanding and resettlement of people is needed.

Resettlement is not just about moving people from one home and environment to another. It ensures that they are able to provide to fulfill their families’ needs, especially, food, clothing and shelter.

It, thus, falls on the authorities concerned to make sure that adequate arrangements are made to ensure this in the new area that the community shifts to. There are mainly two major reasons: (a) Natural Reasons (b) Manmade Reasons for resettlement.

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Rehabilitation & resettlement

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Consultivo in Rehabilitation & resettlement

Our services include:

  • Baseline Socio-Economic Survey (SES)
  • Preparing consultation and participation plan
  • Monitoring systems of R&R
  • Capacity building program of R&R

How can we work together?

Consultivo works in all the aspects of R & R starting from planning to monitoring of the execution of the R & R plan & activities in development-induced displacement. Consultivo offers solutions in Resettlement & Rehabilitation (R&R) for both green field & brown field large projects for mining, steel, power etc as per the regulatory requirements focusing on long-term sustainability.

Baseline Socio-Economic Survey (SES)

Consultivo conducts baseline socio-economic survey to identify & calculate the number of Project Affected Persons (PAP), the number of families, income, livelihood source & methods, literacy rate, demography, language, calculation of total assets, natural resources including flora & fauna, infrastructure, facilities, cultural aspects etc. The baseline forms the pillar for outlining the Resettlement & Rehabilitation plan for the Project Affected People (PAP) & Project Displaced Family (PDF). They also serve as the basis and benchmarks for subsequent evaluation of the programmes.

Preparation of Resettlement Action Plan

A Resettlement Action Plan or Resettlement Plan (RP) is a comprehensive framework that includes inventory & entitlements for the Project Affected Person. The Resettlement Action Plan Apart also includes budgets, and monitoring & evaluation mechanisms. Consultivo assist in making a Resettlement Action Plan by considering the following factors:
• identification of project impacts and affected populations
• a legal framework for land acquisition and compensation
• a compensation framework
• a description of resettlement assistance and restoration of livelihood activities
• a detailed budget
• an implementation schedule
• a description of organizational responsibilities
• a framework for public consultation, participation, and development planning
• a description of provisions for redress of grievances
• a framework for monitoring, evaluation, and reporting

Performance Monitoring Systems of R&R

Consultivo conducts independent monitoring of the Resettlement & Rehabilitation Plan ( R& R Plan) by measuring & auditing the implementation of R & R activities against the plan. The monitoring process will include R & R implementation viz:
• Verification of entitlement matrix
• Payment of compensation
• Disbursement of entitlements as per the plan
• Assessment of relocation of PAP & PDF
• Allocation of housing
• Inspection of infrastructure & other facilities as per the plan
• Verification of Livelihood generation & employment activities
• Collection of information on Public Consultation & meetings
• Implementation of Grievance Mechanism
• Verification of grievances & its redressal

Capacity Building on R&R

Consultivo provides capacity building & training to concerned stakeholders on Resettlement & Rehabilitation, the legal framework associated with the same, R & R plan specific to the project, the entitlement matrix, risks identification & mitigation measures, grievance mechanism & handling procedure, R& R implementation challenges.

Resettlement action plan

A Resettlement Action Plan or Resettlement Plan (RP) is a comprehensive framework that details the concerned infrastructure development project and its consequent impacts in terms of losses incurred. Preparation of an RP includes the development of an inventory of losses and presents an adequate mitigation strategy in the form of entitlements for those adversely affected, as per the extent to which they are affected. Apart from this, in-depth institutional arrangements, budgets, and monitoring & evaluation mechanisms are also laid out in the RP.

Benefits of rehabilitation & resettlement

The benefits under the R&R policy is available to all affected persons and families whose land, property or livelihood is adversely affected by land acquisition or by involuntary displacement of a permanent nature due to any other reason, such as natural calamities, etc.  The Policy will be applicable to all these cases irrespective of the number of people involved.

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