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“Keep engaging stakeholders is not only a function under the limitation of CSR, it is the basis for good corporate governance.”

How Consultivo Can Help you?

consultivo services

Stakeholder Engagement is a major tool that can be adopted by organisations to attain sustainability It is a systematic process to engage all the people who has an interest in the company & are affected by the activities of the organization. The process helps in engaging these stakeholders in a way that not only reduces the risks associated with the stakeholders but is a confidence building measure amongst the various stakeholders.

Consultivo has a strong team of trained stakeholder engagement professionals who works with various industries and deal with different stakeholders & their issues. The experts having strong communication skills are well experienced with identifying, understanding & prioritising the various expectations & issues of the external & internal stakeholders of an organization. Since Consultivo works in the field of Responsible Project Investment & in various developmental projects, the team is adept in handling local community, related stakeholders & their issues. Consultivo team act as create a conducive environment of trust thus facilitates the entire stakeholder engagement process.

Our services include:

  • Planning, designing, and conducting survey – online, telephone, paper-based and in person
  • Reviewing the existing data sources
  • Conducting meetings with focused groups and one-on-one interviews with stakeholders engaged with the organisation
  • Assessing current level of engagement and satisfaction survey
  • Comprehensive report preparations

How Consultivo can help you

consultivo services

Consultivo carries out stakeholder engagement projects through various tools & techniques. Our methodology includes collection of primary & secondary data, detailed organizational study, meetings, interviews with stakeholders, KII, baseline study, focused group discussion, records & documents etc.

Stakeholder Engagement Project

Consultivo can carry out a Stakeholder engagement project for any organization. A complete stakeholder project would include establishing the objective of the stakeholder engagement, identification of stakeholders,  understanding the key issues & expectations, mapping & prioritising the stakeholders & ultimately formulating a stakeholder engagement strategy based on the same. The project will conclude with a detailed stakeholder engagement report.

Monitoring the Stakeholder Engagement Activities

In order to ensure success of a project it is essential to monitor that the activities are performed as planned & that minimum deviation occurs. Monitoring act as a great tool to measure the gaps & highlight the risks. Consultivo monitors your stakeholder engagement activities to check that the stakeholders are engaged as per the strategy, brings out the gaps & helps in taking corrective action so that none of the stakeholders have a grievance with regards to their unplanned & random engagement.

 Handholding for the Stakeholder Engagement Activities

Consultivo can partner you in implementing the stakeholder engagement activities as planned in the stakeholder engagement strategy. We can guide & facilitate in the execution of the strategy till it becomes a natural process & part of an organizational culture.  We can help you in finding the right communication partner so that all the essential communications as per strategy are communicated in way that will create the maximum impact. Consultivo will handhold in case any strategy doesn’t work or fails to engage the stakeholder as planned & provide an appropriate alternative solution that would be successful in engaging the stakeholder.

Capacity Building on Stakeholder Engagement

Consultivo provides Training on various international requirements on engaging the stakeholders viz GRI G4, AA1000SES, ISO 26000 etc. We customize the training programme based on your stakeholders, their needs & expectations.

Our Stakeholder Management Methodology

stakeholder engagemement methodology

Key benefits of engaging stakeholders:

consultivo services
  • Helps in building trust between a company and its stakeholders
  • it helps to improve visibility and reputation of a company
  • it increases the productivity of a company
  • it helps to address the risk of affected stakeholders and to provide sustainable solutions
  • company can pool its resources to achieve a common goal by collaborating with stakeholders.
  • Transparency with stakeholders helps to attract capital particularly for impact investors

Our training programs on Stakeholder Engagement includes

consultivo services

Our training programs on Stakeholder Engagement includes-

• Capacity Building on Stakeholder Engagement for Management & Executives
• Training on GRI G4 Guidelines for Stakeholder Engagement
• Introduction & Concept of ISO 26000
• Methodology of Stakeholder engagement as per AA1000SES

Our Impact Story

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