Three Stage Third party Comprehensive Safety Surveillance Program (CSSP)

Consultivo provides customised Three Stage Third party Comprehensive Safety Surveillance (CSS) for organisations in line with the industry requirements:

Three Stage Third party Comprehensive Safety Surveillance Program (CSSP)

Stage I: Gap Assessment & Consultivo Safety Rating Certificate as per Consultivo Safety Rating Protocol (Industry specific) and conforming to IS 14489: 1998


The gap in the existing practice with respect to the above elements will be identified along with the level of risk associated in each case.



Preparation of Safety Audit Checklist:

  • The preliminary information and develop a safety audit checklist
  • The said audit checklist shall be used for conducting the Safety audit


Conducting Safety Audits:

The Safety audits are proposed to be conducted as follows:

  • Opening Meeting with the senior site personnel.
  • Carry out sample inspection of the unit.
  • Discussions with key site personnel to verify existence of the systems/procedures.
  • Study important documents and records
  • Closing meeting with the management to present important observations and recommendations.
  • Submission of the Safety Audit Report with recommendations



I.        Safety Audit Report

Recommendations will be provided for bridging the existing gaps and upgrading the OHS system towards excellence.

II.      Consultivo Safety Rating Certificate

The OHS system will be graded through a scoring mechanism developed by Consultivo. A grade certificate will be issued by Consultivo apart from the report.


Stage II: Handholding:

Consultivo will be helping your team in implementing the recommendations suggested in Stage I – Gap Assessment.


Stage III : Review Audit & Renewal of Certificate (at the end of one year)

  • Review audit after 1 year
  • Renewal of Consultivo Safety Rating Certificate
Why choose Consultivo safety audit

Consultivo Safety Audit Team ensures identification of non compliances. Practical techniques for post-audit implementation planning and monitoring of action plan are also recommended during the safety audit.


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What is Safety Audit?

Safety Audit is management tool comprising of a systematic, periodic and objective evaluation of plant, personnel and processes to judge how well the safety organization, management and equipment are performing, with the aim to safeguard human, company’s assets by facilitating management control of health and safety practices and assessing compliance with established standards and legal requirements.

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