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Program Overview

Today, the main principle of an organisation’s advancement reside with its human capital and their ability and capability to expand their minds, develop new skills and adapt to change. Even if it is classroom training or on-the-job training, the design, development delivery and assessment of training is essential to ensure that the right competencies are acquired and applied in the workplace. For training to be effective it must be cooperative, directed to the participant needs and involve them vigorously in the training process.
Objectives of this programme
Through this Train the trainer training program, participants will / will be able to:

·        Describe the dual focus of a trainer

·        Explain the stages of the learning process

·        Use the structured format for lesson design

·        Incorporate best practice training & facilitation technique

·        Teach the class with their new skills

·        Explain how to optimize the training for the adult learner
Core reason behind the training programme

New and seasoned professional trainers in any field, delivering any type of content.

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn” BY Benjamin Franklin

This course furnishes trainers with up-to-date knowledge and skills. It enables them to deliver active training sessions that optimise learning for the participants.

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Training Highlights

presentation skill
Few of the Companies our resources have worked with
Course Coverage

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·        What motivates people to learn

·        Facilitation vs. Teaching

·        The Learning Cycle and the Facilitator’s Role as Guide

·        The Lesson Structure – Design and Development

·        Why, When and How of Incorporating Experiential Activities

·        Effective Questioning Technique

·        Minimizing Learning Barriers

·        Facilitating Group Dynamics

·        Guiding Meaningful Debriefs

How will it benefit you?

Explore the Benefits | Train The Trainer

·        Group training certificates.

·        Practical training certificates.

·        Training practice assessments.

·        Training technique development.

·        Introduction to effective training certificates.


Certificate | Train The Trainer

Each participant will receive a joint certificate from Consultivo Academy and Indian Society of Training & Development (ISTD)


In Consultivo Academy, we ensure engaged learning which is directly linked to the business results and impacts. Learning is changing, and we embrace the change through our training planning, design, process and methodologies.

Consultivo Academy training programmes are designed for the best possible learning experience for adult learners. Through our research & development process, we are continuously innovating new ways to meet the changing needs of our learners.

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