Competence Management

Competent management can be defined as the ability to meet organisational objectives, use available resources efficiently, maintain high levels of employee performance and professionalism, and provide excellent service to customers. Competency management as a business lever for hiring, development, mobility, and promotion started more than 40 years ago. It continues as essential today in the effective management of human capital. To implement competency management to drive employee development and performance excellence, let us align on four key definitions.

Competencies are abilities, behaviors, knowledge, and skills that impact the success of employees and organisations. Some common competencies are analytical thinking, communication, flexibility, integrity, and teamwork.

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Consultivo Academy brings to you the Competence Management training programme to inspire the excellence within you.

Each participant will be receiving a certificate by Consultivo Academy.

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Competence Management

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Today’s organisations, regardless of industry, face enormous challenges

  • Skilled talent is at a premium, while retaining top talent continues to be a losing game for most
  • Organisations are struggling to understand the complexities of five-generation workforces and the nuances of each generation
  • Predictive HR analytics is beginning to play a much more central role in shaping talent decisions and actions
  • Efficient and enterprise-wide talent strategies rely on automation, and employee expectations to engage in a holistic work experience require keen insight into existing and requisite employee capability

Competency management, therefore, is the pulse of performance improvement—at the individual and organisational levels:

Consultivo Academy Training highlights

Key Benefits

High-performance organisations describe the following benefits of effective and automated competency management

At the completion of this module, participants will be able to have an

  • Enriched understanding of expected behaviors and performance
  • Improved talent planning
  • Optimized development and mobility strategy
  • Enhanced talent pipeline
  • Improved operational efficiencies
  • Integrated talent processes

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