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Contract Management and Negotiation Skills training

Strategic procurement is one of the important modern-day approaches of a cost-effective supply chain. It looks at a proactive approach to procurement along with best practices in Negotiation Skills and aims at reducing overall procurement costs and indirectly improving the bottom line.

A paradigm shift in dealing with vendors helps in moving the supply chain operations to a world-class level.

Negotiation is an indispensable part of the purchasing function. As a buyer, you play a critical role in the financial success or failure of your organisation; therefore, the more skillfully you negotiate, the better your organisation’s chances for turning a profit.

Consultivo Academy

Consultivo Academy brings to you the Contract Management & Negotiation Skills training programme to inspire the excellence within you.

Each participant will be receiving a certificate by Consultivo Academy.

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Contract Management & Negotiation Skills Training

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Course coverage

Day 1
  • Introduction and Ice Breaking
  • Fundamentals of contract and agreement
  • Elements of contract
  • Definition of a valid contract
  • Different types of contract
  • Offer and acceptance
  • Payments and Statutory obligation related to contract
  • Signing authority of a contract
  • Voidable contract
  • Case discussion
  • Consent of contract
  • Unlawful payment
  • Illegal agreement
  • Termination of contract
  • Case studies
Day 2
  • Recapitulation
  • Sales of Goods Act
    – Types of goods
    – Warranty and Gurantee
    – Rights of unpaid seller
    – Rights of buyer
  • Consumer Protection Act
  • Case Discussions
  • Importance of negotiation in handling contract
  • Competencies required for contract negotiation
  • Contract negotiation process
  • Key points of successful negotiation
  • Role play
  • Essential elements of contract negotiation
  • Examination
  • Feedback and course summary

Objective of the course

  • One of the major objectives is to negotiate the best terms and price for the materials and services your organisation needs to operate. This complex task requires knowledge, tact, superior communication skills and a solid game plan!
  • Negotiation is a process to resolve any issue. Those who master the skill of negotiation will save money, time & achieve a high degree of satisfaction considering that the supplier/vendor with whom you are negotiating has contradicting interests & effectively you do not have any influence/control on him.
  • Price is not the only variable in negotiation. Other considerations include interest rate, delivery date/period, size, quantity, quality, payment terms, warranty, service, etc to name a few. All the above are to be achieved by maintaining cordial, professional, long lasting, effective & successful relationship with your vendors/suppliers.
  • Improving purchasing negotiations skills addresses these issues & effectively helps in developing a strategic content which creates a win-win situation with your suppliers/vendors without affecting your organisation interests/objectives on the long-term basis.

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