Permit To Work (PTW)

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Instructions or procedures are adequate for most work activities, but some require extra care.

A permit to work system is a formal written procedure which is designed to give greater control over tasks that involve inherently higher risks. It sets out the precautions required to complete the work safely, based on a risk assessment.

This course will provide the information and the necessary tools that you will need in order to recognise the risks associated with the hazardous jobs, you will learn the procedures to control and minimise risks through work permit system.

Who should attend?

This training course will be very beneficial for the people, particularly, those who are responsible for implementing permit to work systems, new employees selected by the organisation for issuing and signing off permits to work, existing personnel in the organisation who issue and sign off permits that require formal training. Permit to work system might include but not limited to:

  • Contractor working
  • Hot work
  • Working in confined spaces
  • Working at height/roof work
  • Working with hazardous substances
  • Work require energy (electrical, pneumatic etc.) isolation
  • Excavation

However, Consultivo Academy can design & develop this course for any set of target participants as per the need of the organisation.

Conskills is the specialised worker training hub from Consultivo.

Permit to work (PTW) course by Consultivo


  • One day: Understanding and awareness level course

  • Two days: Understanding, awareness and implementation level course with more case studies and live examples

  • 6-hour eLearning module

The course-duration can be chosen depending on the requirement, course coverage, learning objectives and target participants.

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Fundamental knowledge of the participants on their existing operation related activities is a prerequisite for attending the course.

Course Outline

This course features a unique learning approach that provides an individual knowledge & awareness building experience through an overview and basic knowledge of permit to work requirements.

The course comprises of the following modules as mentioned below:

1. Introduction

2. Life Cycle of a Permit To Work

  • Identify need for work permit
  • Prepare work site for authorised work
  • Raise and issue work permits
  • Monitor work for compliance
  • Receive end of day report
  • Close work permit

3. Legal responsibilities

  • An introduction to the legal system and relevant regulations.

4. Permit to Work (PTW) key players

  • An examination of the relationship between those issuing permits and those working under PTW

5. PTW documentation

  • A general appraisal on the formwork used during PTW and the importance of an integrated approach to PTW use

6. Practical application of PTW

  • A practical session including the filling in, signing and completion of PTW

The course can be tailor made in terms of duration, level of detail, and according to company requirements.

As per your convenience

Have your pick!


Course Outcome – Learning Objectives

  • This course has been designed to help businesses to develop knowledge and competence on the permit to work system
  • It will enable the participant to make practical improvements & positive contributions in terms of safety to the existing work practices
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Consultivo courses are equipped with Pre and Post course assessments(where applicable) to evaluate the learning effectiveness.

Summary report

Organisations may opt for a Training Summary Report after completion of the training session. The report generally summarises the output of the session in terms of satisfaction and knowledge gained when applicable.

Earn your Certificate!

Successful Completion of the Permit To Work (PTW) course earns you a Consultivo Academy Certificate, an industry-accepted & recognised safety programme based on proven best training practices.

Nationally/Internationally accepted certificates are issued by Consultivo Academy. You may also opt for a joint certificate by Consultivo Academy & ICC (Indian Chamber of Commerce) or ISTD (Indian Society of Training & Development).


  • Participant workbook/handbook
  • Action item/plan worksheet

Bit size courses

Pick from our quick learning sessions (generally of 3-hour duration) under our ‘OTP – One Topic Programme’ for your workers, supervisors and engineers.

You may choose your most relevant topics like: Life Cycle of a Permit To Work, Legal responsibilities, PTW documentation, Practical application of PTW, etc

Way forward

  • An assessment on the competency improvement on use of work permit system is also suggested after a certain time interval
  • It is recommended that participants go through an e-learning refresher course once a year and instructor-led refresher training once every three years.

Learn from our experiences

Trainers’ Profile: All Consultivo trainers are having 15-30 years of hand on industry experiences backed up by relevant education and professional qualifications. They are also specially trained on the training skills and techniques and adult learning pedagogy.

Modes of Training

  • Onsite Training: Onsite trainings are organised at your place with customised course content specific to your organisational hazards and target participants.
  • Online Training: Organisations may opt for developing this course in eLearning format (SCORM) to run through their own eLearning Management System (LMS) platform. Consultivo developed eLearning courses are interactive, modular and can be developed in vernacular languages.
  • Public Training: Consultivo Academy organises regular public courses on Electrical Safety where you may nominate yourself or your colleagues. In our public courses, participants from different industry sectors join to share their experiences and gain collaborative subject knowledge.

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