Training on Sexual Harassment at Workplace

The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013 is a legislative act in India that seeks to protect women from sexual harassment at their place of work. It was passed by the Lok Sabha (the lower house of the Indian Parliament) on 3 September 2012. It was passed by the Rajya Sabha (the upper house of the Indian Parliament) on 26 February 2013. The Bill got the assent of the President on 23 April 2013. The Act came into force from 9 December 2013. This statute superseded the Vishakha Guidelines for prevention of sexual harassment introduced by the Supreme Court of India.

It was reported by the International Labour Organisation that very few Indian employers were compliant to this statute. Most Indian employers have not implemented the law despite the legal requirement that any workplace with more than 10 employees need to implement it.

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Consultivo provides Training on Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013

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Training on Sexual Harassment at Workplace

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Who should attend this programme

This act applies to any organisation / institution which employees ten or more people. This course is designed and developed in such a manner where it is not only related to employers and employees of any organisation but also, anyone belonging from this society. It can be a student, a teacher, principals from schools and colleges, men and women from different parts of the society. This course teaches about, what is to be done if there is sexual harassment of any woman, and also how to avoid those situations. It is to make people aware about this act and modify the human behaviour of those who acts differently.

Course outline

  • Background and history of the act
  • Dimensions and types of Sexual Harassment at Work Place as per law
  • Concept and importance of prevention of Sexual Harassment at Work Place
  • Role of the complaint
  • How to enquire about complaint
  • Internal complaint committee and Local Complaint committee
  • Employer obligation and responsibilities
  • Requirement of national and international codes and standards
  • Case Studies
  • Mock enquiry session of ICC

Course objective

  • To provide awareness on the act
  • To provide knowledge to the employee on how to deal with such situations
  • To provide knowledge on employer obligation and liabilities

Bit Size Course

This course can be conducted as per need of the client for two to three hours also.

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