SA 8000 training

This practical two day program is to refresh and review the structure & basic requirements of SA 8000 & enable professionals to implement & conduct the internal audit to improve the effectiveness of SA 8000 & add value to their organisation.

It also helps people to get an opportunity to enhance their auditing skills & demonstrate compliance to the standard’s requirement.

Consultivo Academy

Consultivo Academy brings to you the SA 8000 training programme to inspire the excellence within you.

Each participant will be receiving a certificate by Consultivo Academy.

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SA 8000 Training

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Course coverage

A. Introduction of SA 8000 & its development:  

  • Business & Human Rights
  • ILO & Other International Standards on Social Accountability
  • Challenges & Business Advantages

B. Core Concepts & Background on social compliance in Supply Chain

C. Understanding the elements of SA 8000 Standard: Interpretation & implementation

  • SA 8000:2014 overview
  • Interpretation of SA 8000 standard along with the implementation roadmap
  • Summary of changes in SA 8000:2014
  • About SA 8000 certification

D. Internal auditing techniques

  • Auditing techniques
  • Auditor attributes
  • Mock audit session
  • Writing a finding

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Who all can attend

  • Those making Human Resource policies
  • Supplier / Manpower Contractor selection
  • Those making decisions which affect the Social performance of the work place.

Course outcome

  • Clarity in understanding the requirements of SA 8000:2014.
  • Planning, implementing and verifying the requirements of SA 8000:2014.
  • Enabling management to adopt best practices to ensure Social Accountability and hence having sustainable business commitment.

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