Safety Leadership Training

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Learning objectives

What is safety leadership?
What are some actions that demonstrate personal commitment to and support of safety?
How to use safety leadership as a motivational tool?
Why strong, top-down support, involvement and commitment are essential ingredients in a successful safety culture development program?


Course Content

Introduction and icebreaking
Understanding safety culture
How to use safety leadership as a motivational tool
Ways to build a trusting relationships
Visible leadership
Safety Leadership – action points

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About the training

Target Participants: Senior and Junior HSE Staff, Senior Management Team, Leadership team
Industry: All types
Duration: One day
Certificate: Consultivo Academy

Learning Mediums

Slides & Presentations:  Trainer will use the slides as a basis of discussion and explain furthermore.

Brain Storming and Buzz Group:  Relevant topics would be given to the participants for discussion and obtaining view-points. After a short discussion, trainer(s) will summarise the learning. Time duration 5-10 minutes.

Case study:  A situation will be given to the participants for working out the solution. Time duration:15-25 minutes.

Quiz:  Interactive assimilation of learning and recapitulation.

Video Clips & Photographs: To depict real-time activities through sequential representation and graphical methods.

Recapitulation:  Recapitulation is used to improve learning retention and generally conducted at the end of the sessions/days. Quiz is also used to facilitate the recap process.

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Consultivo courses are equipped with Pre and Post course assessments (where applicable) to evaluate the learning effectiveness.

Summary report

Organisations may opt for a Training Summary Report after completion of the training session. The report generally summarises the output of the session in terms of satisfaction and knowledge gained when applicable.


  • Participant workbook/handbook
  • Action item/plan worksheet

Course Deliverables

  1. Course Agenda
  2. Slides for each module
  3. Participant material
  4. Case Studies
  5. Games
  6. Appreciation Prizes-Free Bees
  7. Examination Paper
  8. Certificate
  • ‘Successfully Qualified’ for participants with 70% or more marks
  • ‘Attended’ for participants with less than 70% marks

Bit size courses

Pick from our quick learning sessions (generally of 3-hour duration) under our ‘OTP – One Topic Programme’ for management level group.

You may choose your most relevant topics like: safety leadership as a motivational tool, ways to build a trusting relationship, visible leadership, safety leadership – action points

Learn from our experiences

Trainers’ Profile: All Consultivo trainers are having 15-30 years of hand on industry experiences backed up by relevant education and professional qualifications. They are also specially trained on the training skills and techniques and adult learning pedagogy.

Modes of Training

  • Onsite Training: Onsite trainings are organised at your place with customised course content specific to your organisational hazards and target participants.
  • Online Training: Organisations may opt for developing this course in eLearning format (SCORM) to run through their own eLearning Management System (LMS) platform. Consultivo developed eLearning courses are interactive, modular and can be developed in vernacular languages.
  • Public Training: Consultivo Academy organises regular public courses on Electrical Safety where you may nominate yourself or your colleagues. In our public courses, participants from different industry sectors join to share their experiences and gain collaborative subject knowledge.

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