Water Management

This workshop provides a general overview of the concepts, requirements and implementation pathway to the water management process.

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Consultivo Academy brings to you the Water Management training programme to inspire the excellence within you.

Each participant will be receiving a certificate by Consultivo Academy.

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Water Management

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Who all can attend

This training is suitable for line managers, operations and maintenance managers, technical, and maintenance engineers, environment & sustainability professionals, supervisors and anyone with the responsibility of water management.

Course Duration

The course duration will be of One day.

One day: Understanding and awareness level


Fundamental knowledge & experience of industrial usage of water & utilities will be an added advantage for the participants to get full benefit from the course.

Key Benefits

  • The course enables organisations to understand, establish systems and processes necessities to improve water resource performance, water efficiency, and help reduce water consumption and costs
  • It will enable the participant to make practical improvements & positive contributions to the existing water management practices
  • Participants shall achieve increased understanding of various dimensions of sustainable development, water use efficiency and resource governance

Earn Your Consultivo Academy Certificate

Successful Participation of the course earns you a Consultivo Academy Participation Certificate, an industry accepted & recognised program based on proven best training practices.

Course coverage

This course features a collaborative learning approach that provides an individual understanding & knowledge building experience on water management.

Topics covered include:

  • Fundamentals of water, use of water as a natural resource & water management
  • Demand- side management to enhance the water-use efficiency
  • Scope and opportunity in water conservation
  • Rain water harvesting
  • Water audit, water balance, water mapping, water accounting
  • GRI G4 metrics


A Participant workbook will be provided.


This course being an awareness oriented program, does not require any formal evaluation system.

Summary Report

Organisations may opt for a Training Summary Report after completion of the training session. The report generally summarises the output of the session in terms of satisfaction and knowledge gained where applicable.

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