Worker Safety Training

Worker Safety Training is a specialised subject and needs an explicit focus. ConSkills (a skill training hub from Consultivo) provides well-designed worker safety training programs for all kind of industries.

ConSkills – a skill training hub from Consultivo

ConSkills is a specialised Skill Training Solution Provider.

Employees trained in ConSkills safety programs make their workplaces safer for everyone. ConSkills offers a variety of custom built worker safety training options to fit your requirements.

Custom built worker safety training

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Worker Safety Training

#ConSkills - skill training hub by Consultivo

200+ organisations

Our specialised resources have been leading the way to safer workplaces for more than 200 organisations since 2009.

The workplace safety skills learning process for the workers demands completely different approach than that of the management training.

Each Conskills training program starts with introduction & icebreakers; it ends with conclusions, evaluation, & action points.

Training programmes


This is a foundation program applicable to the entire workforce, be it own or contractual employees and this is the starting point. This program is customised for different industries and generally includes these topics.

  • Workplace safety foundation programme: #BeSafe

Click here to know what #BeSafe is about

  • Why safety is important for you
  • Basics of safety
  • Fundamental concepts
  • Hazard identification
  • Workplace safety & work practices
  • Hazardous work permit
  • Fire & Emergency response and
  • Your role in safety


Industries require different training programs for specific kinds of hazardous work. ConSkills offer the entire range of safety training including (but not limited to):

  • Confined Space Entry
  • Electrical Work
  • Hot Work
  • Energy Control
  • Safe Forklift Operation
  • Elevated Work and Fall Prevention
  • Hazard Identification
  • Work Permit System
  • Use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Lock Out Tag Out (LOTO)
  • Safe Crane Operation
  • Scaffolding Safety
  • Fire Safety
  • Emergency Preparedness


These programmes will help your safety system to sustain & improve through psychological interventions.

  • Behaviour Based Safety
  • Safety Culture Building Programme
  • How to prevent unsafe behaviour at work

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What are the OHS knowledge & skills required for the workforce?

Other than generic Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) awareness programs, organisations also require special permits or training for specific kinds of work, including (but not limited to) confined space entry, electrical work, hot work, energy control, forklifts, elevated work, etc. Specialised safety training is also provided, including hazard identification, Behaviour Based Safety (BBS), Work Permit System, PPE, LOTO, fall prevention, Fire Safety, Emergency Preparedness etc.

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Learning context of ConSkills

Keeping the contract workers safe…

Contract workers are a vulnerable population. With contractors often performing higher risk jobs in worksites with little to no management supervision, one of the best practices in an employer’s OHS program is to have a formal contractor management program.

Planned and structured training of contract population of workers form the backbone of any such contractor management program.

Young workers and contractor workers are more vulnerable towards injury and ill health at work.