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Consultivo provides opportunity to the individuals develop themselves as business manager with core strength in specialized subject. We offer multidisciplinary role to all individuals so, job re-engineering is an ongoing process. This helps to develop multi skill and people also don’t get fatigue. We practice an open culture where everyone is able to give their suggestions.
Through concentrated efforts to enhance our culture and practices, Consultivo has dedicated significant time, resources, and leadership focus to building a great firm that attracts, develops, excites, and retains exceptional people.

Training & Learning

Each year, people join Consultivo bringing an incredible set of skills, abilities, interests, and degrees. We don’t, however, expect you to bring everything you need, so we invest more than 100 mandays training for each people in a year in training for our people. Our mission is to help you develop your skills, your relationships, your confidence, and your future.

Coaching & mentorship

Everyone who joins is asked to make his work done but we don’t ask you to make it alone. You will have peers giving you feedback and senior partners helping you grow and plan the next several years of your career. Consultants are matched with a senior partner as their mentor who provides objective guidance and mentorship. Professional development teams help guide project choices, especially early in your tenure. Informal mentorship opportunities are a constant given the natural apprenticeship model that our team-based approach affords all individuals.