HR legal: a world beyond compliance


HR legal compliance - a world beyond compliance

The word HR is quite a buzz word in the corporate & professional world.


But what about HR legal compliance?

Well, it’s the deep dark web of legal rules & regulations which the HR department must tread on and comply with always. The more efficiently the HR management climbs up the web of the HR legal framework, the more they can strengthen their employees and benefit the organisation. After all, the employees are the real brand ambassadors of any organisation. Many consider it as a necessary evil but actually it is a boon in disguise for the betterment of the people & society.


There’s this incident which I would like to share to highlight the increasing importance of HR legal compliance in any industry/organisation. An Indian garment manufacturing industry was running a good export business of their products. Once, an international buyer had come all the way to pay a visit to their factory to make a business deal with them.

After returning to their country, they expressed their disappointment over the poor conditions of the workmen and the work culture of the factory which they observed, and immediately proposed better working conditions with better facilities & benefits for the employees apart from their business collaboration.

This implied that apart from business, it’s the people who work, matter too. And people excellence will ultimately benefit all – the employees, the company & the society. This is a healthy message to understand that not only organisations need to comply with the HR legal requirements but also have control over their compliance management system. They must keep in mind and be aware of the fact that their people need to be taken care of too and given their due respect & recognition. Keeping them happy will automatically increase the brand reputation also.

So, what could be the driving agent to comply with the HR legal requirements?

  • Definitely, compulsion in the form of stakeholder pressure for sure. Besides, the fear of prosecution and imposition of penalties along with compliance requirements from national & international standards & codes are the driving agents for HR legal compliance.
  • Also, the motivating factor of gaining business excellence & leadership among the corporates creates the need to build better working conditions for the employees for increased work efficiency & productivity.


Should it really be a compliance?

Compliance is a heavy word and to comply with the HR legal requirements is definitely mandatory but there’s a lot more to it.

Employees are an asset to the organisation. When they are valued & being taken care of, it instills a sense of confidence & builds cordial relationship between the employer & the employees. This helps to form a strong chain of human connections which keeps them united and work together as a better team.

And where there is good understanding & strong team work, automatically the work output will be more efficient & productive. It boosts up the working spirit of the employees and keep them emotionally connected to their work & the organisation.

In fact, to take care of the health & safety of your employees is also considered to be a compliance but it should be a natural responsibility towards fellow human beings for their welfare & betterment. They are the building blocks of your organisation. It is also essential to safeguard the interests of the women & child workers in particular.

Not only does this improve the inter-relational bond within an organisation, but it also enhances the brand reputation and gives confidence to the stakeholders to collaborate and invest in the organisation.

It establishes a strong & consistent legal system that facilitates productive individual & collective employment relationships and therefore, a productive economy.


HR legal: All for one and one for all

Thus, organisations – small, medium or big, all must look at the HR legal requirements from a fresh perspective and realign with the HR legal requirements to build an efficient, sustainable & transparent employment system & working conditions for their employees and work towards building a safe & better working world.

Madhabi Guha Basu

Lead – Sustainability services, Consultivo

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