How growing & creating value looks like in an inclusive workplace: Interning at Consultivo


I distinctly remember that day when I was doing the last touch-up modifications in the phase-one of our Project WOW: Consultivo Website Quality Improvement Drive in Nalanda.

Nalanda? Yes, you heard it right.

Alright, let me throw some light over here! We have our own Nalanda – our conference room at Consultivo.


Now, you must be wondering why the name Nalanda?

Nalanda is well known as the centre for knowledge & learning in ancient India.

Likewise, our Nalanda is the very place where we sit, discuss and brainstorm over a lot of issues & coffees.

It’s a new experience each day, learning & sharing knowledge. I’m the part of the Consultivo communications team & it’s such a great feeling. And the best part is –  I got the chance to be a contributor to the live project – Project WOW: Consultivo Website Quality Improvement Drive. 

Beyond expectations

Being a creative intern at Consultivo, it’s something beyond my expectations to be a part of this project and getting involved in the project execution from the very beginning. All the initial planning, details and the processes that were involved in every stage gave me an insight & better understanding of the different layers of the project & what’s my role in it.

Coupled with that, the opportunity to work in a professional & inclusive workplace and a first-hand experience of working as a team with a common goal is all enriching.

I also had the opportunity to interact and learn from the seniors in the office. Worth mentioning the experience I had learning from Saikat Sir, Madhabi Ma’am & Ruma Ma’am. They have always been there to encourage and guide me to work efficiently at my best.


While interviewing Madhabi ma’am & Ruma ma’am for the blog Talent first: Accelerating gender diversity, productivity, positivity & more…

The presentation day!

Ultimately, it was the time when we had to present to the management our work till date, it’s impact & the way ahead. All of us were busy doing our final bits. I must say, time really moves fast and soon it was 3.30 p.m. and all our senior members came in. We – the communications team – started with our presentation, taking turns to explain the objective, timeline and respective tasks undertaken by us. That was a day!


Celebrating success, moments & more…

Everyone highly appreciated our work and gave positive feedback along with some suggestions and the way forward to our next phase. It was such an overwhelming & satisfying experience, being appreciated for the work done and seeing it reach out to the end users.

The closure to phase 1 was topped off with a celebration in the evening with chips & pastries that evening. The celebration continued with a lunch treat the next day. Be it achievements, birthdays or farewell, we always find reasons to celebrate at Consultivo.

My experience in an inclusive workplace

The best part about working at Consultivo has been the open and welcoming environment which is evident with a diverse age-group, gender and cultural background which is what an inclusive workplace is all about. Different people have different strengths, and when they sync together as a team, it makes for efficient completion of the work at hand.

Right from my first day, I feel as an integral part of the team. Apart from project WOW, I have been involved with several responsibilities like writing blogs, researching on various content topics, internal projects, proofreading & more.

Akash Nambiar in an inclusive work environment at Consultivo

I have always been encouraged to speak up and present my opinions or doubts on various topics. More importantly, I get to learn from my mistakes and improve further with the guidance & support of my team members & seniors.

The experience of working as a creative intern in an inclusive workplace like Consultivo has been quite enriching for me. Each day has taught me something new and I look forward to more such learnings & engaging projects to work upon.

“Everyone has a place. If we do not realise this, we are not living in an inclusive world. Divisions are created by fear, anger and ignorance.”

Akash Nambiar

Consultivo creative intern




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