The journey that never stops: My internship days at Consultivo


When the first day’s welcome is so cool, you know you’ve made the right choice! A designated place, goodies and a welcome tag – couldn’t have asked for anything better.

Hi! I’m Raajika pursuing my bachelor’s degree from Christ University, Bangalore. This festive season (November), I did my content management internship at Consultivo. The festival of lights (Diwali) illuminated my life in myriad ways and especially through the Consultivo internship!

For every college student, it is important to develop their skills through practical experience. Consultivo has given me that opportunity to enhance my skills and bring out the professional in me.

Diwali delights (Celebrating the festival of lights)

As my internship was during the festive season of Diwali, guess what, we made a rangoli (the traditional Indian decoration and patterns made with colours, particularly during festivals). And together we created magic. The spirit of Diwali lighted up all our emotions and the happiness reflected on all our faces. This couldn’t have been more worthwhile in my internship days. And as this is Consultivo, everything has to be grand! So all of us in the office, the visitors, guests – everyone was given Diwali gifts!


Taste of freedom & creativity

Previously I’ve heard that internships are mostly about working within the guidelines given with a set of boundaries & regulations. But in my internship days at Consultivo, it was more of learning. I had the freedom of giving suggestions. There was no limit given to put forward my views and inputs in any of the topics.


The intriguing gesture that almost made me cry was being treated like a family! I felt like home. My seniors loved me when I did my work with perfection. I was even given improvement points whenever I made mistakes. In the whole process, I was learning how to become better with my work. Will miss working here so much.

I remember the first question that came to my mind about doing an internship that too in my first year was “Am I a yet professional? Am I having the right traits to work in the corporate?” Being a first year student and given the opportunity to intern here moved me. The Consultivo team selected me and showed faith & trusted that I can do it. I still can’t forget how nervous I was when I met my seniors on the day of induction. I was like; would I be able to perform as desired? Everyone I saw around me in the office was so good at their work. I felt that maybe I am not right for the job. But my intern mentor guided me to climb up the stairs of success.

What did I look forward every day? To come up to the work & make memories.

During the course in my internship days, I forgot how time flew – even before I realised that my time as an intern ended & it’s time to go back to college. After joining here, the only thing I looked up to everyday was to work here. Meet everyone. And this journey was full of excitement. How many of us who do internships, actually get the opportunity to get sponsored meals, sometime-anytime? Well, here at Consultivo you are treated like someone special!

Consultivo, in true terms, is the knowledge hub which proposes solutions to problems. For me it has been my backbone, strength and above all, an emotion.  It is rightly said that, “Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a TEAM of people”! The encouraging emotion of teamwork is what makes the company so beautiful. The duration of my internship was short, but the memories and the skills gathered here are for a lifetime. And Consultivo has given me a journey that will never stop, even after my internship ended.





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