Myths are there to be broken: How my internship at Consultivo helped me to nurture my skills and break a myth


Today’s my last day as a Consultivo Creative Intern! Well, Consultivo, it’s been a crazy ride. At the very first day, I knew this company was different. There were no stuffy cubicles to be found in the office, only air conditioned rooms where everyone communicated openly.

Everyone has been incredibly nice and I’ve received a really warm welcome to the company. There was a bowl filled with chocolates and even we were offered delicious lunch on the very first and last day.

Well, everyone seemed excited to have me beside their desk. All of them magically knew who I was and made sure to say “hi” when they saw me around the office.

I was always keen on developing web content. I’m very happy to have gotten the opportunity to get that insight at Consultivo. It’s exciting and more!

Hi! I’m Anubhab and I’m a 2nd year engineering student. Thus, most of the people can’t connect why am I into creative content writing. It seemed out of genre and difficult to carry out both of these in one go.

Well, I feel, some way or the other I was scared about losing my skills of writing. My passion for writing! Thus here I am. It’s a pleasure for me when I did something coming out of my comfort zone. It’s a pleasure to break a myth!

Through this internship at Consultivo, I could actually explore and nurture my creative edge. With the guidance and mentorship, Consultivo simply made sure to make the best out of me.

The weekend reports were extremely helpful as I could get the insights and work on it. Of course, the appreciation and achievements of the week mentioned in the report were a major turn on.

In the starting days, it was tough to cope up but finally I did it. It would be helpful for my career since I have improved my writing skills a lot. Later on, when my writing skills and technical knowledge would merge, nothing can debar me from anything.

I’ll miss being in such a vibrant work environment. As I prepare to leave for my college this week, I’ll always cherish the fond memories, work experience and motivation that I got at my very first internship. And I’ll never forget the kind souls of the Consultivo knowledge team who guided me along every step of the way and took me out for delicious lunch on my last day.





Creative intern, Consultivo


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