Socio-Economic Survey & Study in the Indian Tea Estates for Policy Advocacy

We partnered with one of the leading international civil society organisations to prepare a Policy Advocacy Paper for Indian Tea industry through a socio-economic survey.

Socio-Economic Survey Project: Socio-Economic Survey and Study across 151 tea estates for preparation of a policy advocacy paper for the regulatory body

The scope of the social survey and study was to provide a road-map for various policy interventions. Obviously, with a purpose to improve the production, profitability and living & working conditions of the workers in the Indian tea industry.

6 tea producing states across India

Industry: Agribusiness – Tea

The Purpose

This socio-economic survey and study was aimed at bringing out the strengths, weaknesses and issues affecting the organized sector sustainability due to

  1. High cost of production (CoP)
  2. Prices not being commensurate with CoP are attributed as main reasons for declining share & impacting the economic viability

The Solution

We, two partners, have jointly studied the tea-producing landscape of India. As a result, we came out with the following processes and methodologies:

  • Detail study of the existing secondary sources of data, information, reports and industry practices
  • Scientific sampling plan encompasses 151 different size groups of gardens. Also, they covered 4 types of ownership spread over 6 tea growing states.
      1. Interview with peopleCollection of data
      2. Analysis & interpretation of data
      3. Data Visualisation – Presentation of the report with detail
      4. recommendation

In conclusion, the socio-economic survey or social survey report containing a road-map for various policy interventions supported the tea sustainability initiatives and policies. Most importantly the outcome was for improving the production, profitability and living & working conditions of the tea workers. Certainly, they are fact-based inputs for policymakers to decide their next course of actions.

Major issues covered under the entire study:

  • Economics of tea production
  • Evaluation of socio-economic conditions of workers
  • Causes of migration of workers
  • Comparative study of productivity
  • Study of wage structure vis a vis worker productivity
  • Statutory compliance
  • Human Resource issues
  • Structure & organisation of ownership

Reference statutes, codes, standards and guidelines used for this socio-economic survey project:

Tool used for this socio-economic survey:

Survey, Interview, Analytics & Statistical Tools

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